What Are Veneers Teeth Pros And Cons? 

So, you are here for the veneers teeth pros and cons, right? Before knowing the teeth veneers pros and cons you should know do veneers help protect teeth? Then, veneers provide a protective layer for your teeth, and they will prevent the discomfort of tooth sensitivity and protect the front of your teeth where the enamel is lacking. Do you know? It is considered that having veneers is a great motivation to be extra vigilant about brushing and flossing, too. Without taking too much time, let’s have a look at the veneers teeth pros and cons

Veneers Teeth Pros And Cons 

The veneers teeth pros and cons are mentioned below for your reference to understand them better. 


  • They Cover Up The Problem 
  • Choice Of Materials 
  • Instant Result 
  • Stain Resistance 
  • Natural-Looking Smile 


  • Tooth Sensitivity 
  • They Are Permanent 
  • Susceptible To Damage 
  • Most Costly Than Whitening 
  • Relatively Short Lifespan 

Let’s discuss all these pros and cons of teeth veneers in detail. 

Veneers Teeth Pros 

While knowing the veneers on teeth pros and cons, let’s take a look at the veneers teeth pros first. 

  • They Cover Up The Problems 

Mostly cosmetic dental problems are fixed by a cosmetic dentist through teeth whitening, teeth straightening, and other dental procedures, but in some cases, treatment is not enough to completely resolve the issue. So, dental veneers cover the surface of teeth and hide cosmetic issues completely. 

  • Choice Of Materials 

People are concerned about veneers and therefore, they want to know is veneers bad for your teeth. So, porcelain veneers do not ruin your teeth. You can choose between two materials for your dental veneer, porcelain and composite resin. 

  • Instant Result 

Veneers give you instant results in just one or two visits unlike other types of dental restorations which take weeks or months to achieve results. Therefore, the dentist provides porcelain veneers in just two office visits and composite resin in just one. 

  • Stain Resistance

Composite resin and porcelain resist stains, which help your dental veneers resist discoloration from coffee, tea, fruit drinks, and other staining foods and beverages. The stain-causing agents simply roll off porcelain veneers or sit on the surface of composite resin veneers where they brush off easily. And hence teeth after veneers removed are just bright. 

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  • Natural-Looking Smile 

You will see a vast difference between veneers teeth before and after. Because the dental veneers create a natural, flawless smile, porcelain resin has light-reflecting qualities that are similar to those of tooth enamel. 

Veneers Teeth Cons 

After knowing the pros of veneer teeth. Let me tell you the veneer’s teeth cons in detail. 

  • Tooth Sensitivity 

Enamel protects teeth from hot and cold by removing the enamel and can make teeth more sensitive to temperature. 

  •  They Are Permanent 

If you are looking for are veneers permanent then yes, they are permanent and not meant to be removed. Placing dental veneers requires the removal of a thin layer of enamel to create more room for the veneer. This process is irreversible, as there is no way to put the enamel on once it is removed.  

  • Susceptible To Damage 

Veneers are very thin and hence prone to damage. Porcelain veneers can chip and crack. While composite veneers may stain, chip, or crack. 

  • Most Costly Than Whitening 

The best veneers may be expensive as compared to teeth whitening and other cosmetic dental procedures. The average veneers teeth price is between $925 and $2500 per tooth. But, composite veneers cost around $400 to $20000 per tooth and last between 5 to 7 years. 

  • Relatively Short Lifespan 

One of the most asked questions is how long do veneers last? Compared to the bridge and dental crowns, veneers have a shorter lifespan. 

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Are Teeth Veneers Worth It?

Veneers are a great way to improve your smile, especially if your teeth are chipped, malformed, very discolored or will not and cannot be whitened. The pros of veneers are that they can be done in only two visits, the color easily changes, and the porcelain has the real look of teeth and will not stain.

How Long Do Teeth Veneers Last?

With reasonable precautions, dental veneers can last anywhere from 10 to 30 years. While you can eat almost anything you like, it is important to exercise reasonable precautions because dental veneers are not indestructible. Porcelain is a glass and can shatter with excessive pressure.

Do All Celebrities Have Veneers?

Celebrities seem to have it all, but sometimes, they spend a lot of time and money to look that way. While these celebs have perfect teeth now, that wasn’t always the case. Here are 10 celebrities you didn’t know got veneers, or other major cosmetic dentistry done.

Do Veneers Stay On Forever?

While veneers aren’t permanent, they are irreversible. This is because we remove some of your natural tooth enamel to ensure there is enough room for your veneers. Once this enamel is removed, it won’t grow back.

Are Getting Veneers A Good Idea?

Dental veneers are a great way to improve your smile, and they’re a popular option for those with chipped, cracked, or misshapen teeth. They’re also an excellent option for those who have gaps between their teeth. The veneers are thin covers that adhere to your teeth and give your teeth a straighter appearance.

Do Veneers Damage Your Teeth?

The short answer is no. Nothing will happen to your teeth as long as you take care of your veneers – which is easy to do. Having said this, decay can still occur if veneers aren’t installed properly, or you neglect your dental hygiene.


Now, you know about the lumineers teeth veneers pros and cons in detail. You already know that veneers are the easiest way to permanently improve your smile permanently. The dental veneer is made up of water-thin porcelain or composite resin. And they hide imperfections in your teeth, including discolorations and chips. So, you can decide if dental veneers are the right choice for improving the cosmetic appeal of your smile, by knowing the veneers teeth pros and cons.

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