What Are Red Light Therapy Pros And Cons? 

Do you know about red light therapy and the red light therapy pros and cons? Perhaps you may not be aware of it, but this article will help you to know the pros and cons of red light therapy. First, understand what red light therapy is and why it is performed. So, red light is a therapy in which low wavelength red light is used to reportedly improve one’s skin’s appearance, such as reducing wrinkles, scars, redness, and acne. Now by reading about the purpose of red light therapy you might think that there are no red light therapy dangers. But, it is not like that, red light therapy side effects are also there. Let’s know the red light therapy pros and cons.  

What Are Red Light Therapy Pros And Cons? 

Here we have given a list of red light therapy pros and cons that will make you aware of the red light therapy. Take a look and then read them in detail below. 


  1. Painless And Non-Invasive 
  2. Accessible 
  3. Reduce Skin Blemishes And Signs Of Aging 
  4. Help Chronic Conditions 


  1. It Can Be Expensive 
  2. It May React With Certain Medications 
  3. There Are Still Some Health Risks 
  4. It Is Not A Cure 

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Red Light Therapy Pros 

There are lots of red light therapy benefits, you must consider the following red light therapy pros to this developing therapy.

  1. Painless And Non-Invasive 

While looking for the red and infrared light therapy pros and cons, you got to know that, red light therapy or RLT is a painless therapy. The therapy is also safe and painless, and unlike other ablation-centered laser treatments, it leaves no surface scar or incision behind.

  1. Accessible 

There are more accessible at-home options on the market, including LED face masks and standing light panels. Also doing Red light therapy at home is just as effective as going to a salon or spa which has a red light therapy panel.

  1. Reduce Skin Blemishes And Signs Of Aging 

One of the pros in a list of the pros and cons of red light skin therapy is that it will give you clear and glowing skin. The therapy can substantially help with improving skin that has been damaged or shows signs of aging.

  1. Help Chronic Conditions 

Red light therapy is home to relief from chronic conditions. The therapy is used for both physical and emotional disorders. Chronic conditions can cause inflammation and pain, especially in cases of rheumatoid arthritis. Red light therapy works to encourage tissue repair, and it is proven to have anti-inflammatory effects.

Red Light Therapy Cons 

To know about the negative side of red light therapy take a look at the cons of red light therapy.

  1. It Can Be Expensive 

It is not like that, every time your pocket allows you to go for red light therapy, as the therapy can be expensive. Most are at least $100 and the price only goes up from there.

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  1. It May React With Certain Medications 

While Looking for LED red light therapy pros and cons, you got to know that the therapy may react with certain medications. Those on medications that can cause hypersensitivities to LED energy, such as lithium or isotretinoin, may be more vulnerable to red light therapy.

  1. There Are Still Some Health Risks 

Can red light therapy cause cancer? No, because the treatment does not use ultraviolet light, which is reported to cause skin cancer. But there are some risks associated with red light therapy like damage to the skin, permanent eye damage, and unknown long-term side effects to the skin and body also.

  1. It Is Not A Cure 

While knowing about the pros and cons of red light therapy, you may get to know that red light therapy is not a cure for chronic conditions or even dermatological issues. Instead, red light therapy works to provide temporary relief.

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Can Too Much Red Light Be Harmful?

What Are the Risks? Red light therapy is generally considered safe, even though researchers aren’t exactly sure how and why it works. And there are no set rules on how much light to use. Too much light may damage skin tissue, but too little might not work as well.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy (RLT) aims to solve skin issues by using low wavelength red light. Many experts believe that it can help with issues such as skin conditions, scarring, and signs of aging — including wrinkles and age spots. There is some evidence to back up many of these claims, but RLT is no miracle cure.

Are There Any Negatives To Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy is considered safe and painless. However, there have been reports of burns and blistering from using RLT units. A few people developed burns after falling asleep with the unit in place, while others experienced burns due to broken wires or device corrosion.

What Time Is Best For Red Light Therapy?

The most optimal time for a light therapy session is morning or evening around the time of sunrise or sunset. This mimics the time of day when we receive the most red and near-infrared light from the natural sun.


Above you have learned all about the pros and cons red light therapy in detail. Do you know? Initially, red light therapy was used to assist patients with skin conditions and blemishes. But, now it is frequently used to enhance the appearance of skin by common people. It is important to follow all medical advice when seeking out this treatment. Your doctor will be able to create guidelines for you to use when using red light therapy in order to avoid possible side effects. This was all about red light therapy pros and cons