What Are Pebble Shower Floor Pros And Cons? 

In this article, I will tell you everything about the pebble shower floor pros and cons. But, before knowing the pros and cons of pebble shower floor you must know what a pebble shower floor is? Pebbly stone or tile is one of the natural materials that add the earthy appearance of nature to your interior. The best place to use the cobblestone tiles is your shower floor. So, without any delay let’s understand the pebble shower floor pros and cons

What Are Pebble Shower Floor Pros And Cons?

The pebble shower floor pros and cons will help you in making a decision whether you should install it or not. Let’s take a look, 


  • Beautiful finish 
  • Easy to do 
  • Affordable 
  • Non-slippery 
  • Therapeutic Effect 


  • High maintenance 
  • Needs expertise for a perfect finish 
  • It May hurt your feet 
  • Water retention issues 
  • Not suitable with hard water 

Let’s have a look at the pebble tile shower floor pros and cons

Pebble Shower Floor Pros 

While knowing the tile shower pebble shower floor pros and cons. Let’s understand the pebble shower floor pros first. 

  • Beautiful Finish 

Pebble stone ensures a naturalistic finish to your bathroom, with a look resembling that of a natural river. If you are keen on the natural feel of your home and like simplicity, a pebble could be a good choice. 

  • Easy To Do 

The best thing about the pebble shower floor is it is easy to do because the pebble tile shower floor problems are not difficult for you. If you collect the pebbles yourself from a riverbank, you will need some time to gather all of them. Then, fixing the pebbles on the floor also requires patience but is not difficult. 

  • Affordable 

The flat pebble shower floor is affordable because no need to purchase heavy and expensive tools like tile cutters. And hence, the cost of fixing the floor will be low. 

  • Non-Slippery 

Floors and water are not a good good friends and become slippery. However, some types of floors are safer than others. A pebble floor will ensure a solid floating and prevent injuries. 

  • Therapeutic Effect 

Walking barefoot on pebbles is an extremely healthy practice. It’s like a massage that stimulates various reflexogenic points on the soles of your feet. 

Pebble Shower Floor Cons 

After knowing the pros of pebble shower floors noe let’s have a look over the pebble shower floor cons. 

  • High Maintenance 

If you are looking for the river rock pebble shower floor pros and cons, it is to be considered that pebble floors have high maintenance costs. And also pebble shower floor cleaning is not that easy because of the uneven nature of pebble floor.  

  • Needs Expertise For A Perfect Finish 

After fixing the pebble shower floor, if you have a question about how to fix uneven pebble shower floor. It means that you fixed it without consulting with experts. Because without experience you can’t finish your pebble floor to perfection, you may deal with water seeping through it. 

  • It May Hurt Your Feet 

The walk-in shower with pebble floor may hurt your feet because of its uneven nature. You may need to wear footwear while showering to avoid discomfort. 

  • Water Retention Issues 

Because of water retention issues of the pebble shower floor, the commonly asked question is, are pebble shower floors hard to clean? Not that hard, but many people don’t want to invest the time to do it. 

  • Not Suitable With Hard Water 

Hard water creates a chalk film on your pebble floor if you don’t clean it regularly.  While taking us back to the necessity to dry the floor after each shower not really a pleasure. 

Now, you know the shower floor pros and cons. But many people want to know is river rock good for shower floor. The answer is yes and yes.

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Are Pebble Shower Floors Hard To Clean?

Keeping a pebble-stone shower floor clean is somewhat easy, but many people don’t want to invest the time to do it. You need to scrub the floor at least once a week to get rid of body oil, soap and shampoo residue, and plain old dirt. These things are food for mold and mildew.

Are Pebble Shower Floors Slippery?

Well, unlike other shower flooring materials, pebble tiles are not slippery. This is one of the biggest reasons behind its high popularity. Despite getting wet, pebble tiles don’t become slippery, so you have no risk of slipping. Even when wet, they are ideal for walking.

How Do You Clean A Natural Stone Pebble Shower Floor?

Use a nylon-bristle scrubbing brush and gently scour the pebbles and grout in a circular motion. Make sure you scrub thoroughly and get around the stones as well as in any corners if you want a truly clean pebble shower floor. Turn your shower on and rinse the entire shower floor with warm water until it rinses clean.

How Often Reseal Pebble Shower Floor?

How Often Should You Seal a Pebble Shower Floor. Most experts would agree that you should reseal your river rock flooring every six months to one year.

Can You Regrout Pebble Shower Floor?

It’s not recommended to regrout a shower floor due to most often the grout in shower floors is “sanded grout”. Sanded grout is considerably stronger than unsanded grout and, as a result, here’s what may occur when attempting to regrout your shower floor: Chipping of the existing shower floor tile.

Do Pebble Shower Floors Need To Be Sealed?

Sealing your shower floor pebbles is an important step in keeping your pebbles looking great for years to come. Before you grout your pebble tiles we recommend you seal them first. This can be done with a good quality penetrating sealer.

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After going through the details of the pros and cons of the pebble shower floor, you should find it easier to make the right decision. It doesn’t matter what type of flooring you choose, there is always a downside. So, it is better to go with the option you desire the most. If your choice is the pebble shower floor, then you can go for it and also you know the pebble shower floor pros and cons.

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