What Are Pea Gravel Patio Pros And Cons? 

Knowing the different pea gravel patio pros and cons will help you to decide if this loose patio material is perfect for you or not. You do not want to miss out or end up with regrets. Besides the advantages and disadvantages, you should look at some pea gravel patio costs per year, ton, or square, ideas, and DIY tips to make your project a success. So, roll down to get the pea gravel patio pros and cons

What Are Pea Gravel Patio Pros And Cons? 

Here is the list of Pea gravel patio pros and cons


  • Affordable 
  • Easy to install 
  • Comfortable to walk on 
  • It doesn’t allow weeds to grow 
  • Easy to maintain 


  • Moves, shifts, & spread 
  • Furniture may sink and be uneven 
  • Requires some maintenance & constant filling 
  • Not easy to de-ice 
  • Present a choking risk 

Let’s understand the landscape pea gravel patio pros and cons in detail. 

Pea Gravel Patio Pros 

The pros and cons of pea gravel patio both are equally important but take a look over the pea gravel patio pros first

  • Affordable 

Pea gravel patio ideas are worthy because the pea gravel patio is affordable. Firstly, pea gravel is very cheap, the national average price is $0.94 per square foot. Also, the installation costs, including labour, are low. 

  • Easy To Install 

You can easily install the pea gravel patio on slope areas. As the installation is easy. All you need to do is dig and remove some dirt up to 6 inches, tamp the beneath soil to be firm, edge, and fill your pea gravel or concrete patio and rake it.  

  • Comfortable To Walk On 

Unlike the alternative to pea gravel patio including crushed stone, pawers, and concrete with sharp edges and angular shape, a pea gravel patio is with a smooth surface, small size, and almost round surface. 

  • It Doesn’t Allow Weeds To Grow 

A pea gravel patio installed with a depth of the least 4 inches will prevent weed growth. So, you don’t need to spend additional money on buying landscaping fabric. 

  • Easy To Maintain 

The patio furniture on pea gravel is easy to maintain. You don’t need to seal it from time to time. It doesn’t crack or decompose, and cleaning is also effortless. 

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Pea Gravel Patio Cons 

It is time to understand the pea gravel patio cons in detail. 

  • Moves, Shifts, & Spread 

Does pea gravel make a good patio? Probably yes, but the drawback includes moving, shifting, and spreading. It has a smooth surface and round shape making it hard to compact. To overcome this you can use a pea gravel epoxy patio. 

  • Furniture May Sink And Be Uneven 

Furniture on the pea gravel patio may sink as the gravel shifts, making chairs and tables uneven. So, this loose patio material will shift each time you pull or slide the chair. 

  • Requires Some Maintenance & Constant Filling 

Due to sinking and shifting, you may have to refill your patio every few years or more often have children who move the gravel away as they are playing. 

  • Not Easy To De-Ice 

For smaller ice, it is not easy to de-ice the pea gravel patio. For that use a leaf blower. If ice is so thick then wait until a thin layer that de-icing salts can help melt. 

  • Present A Choking Risk 

As the stones are smaller in size, they do present choking hazards to your kids and pets. So, don’t put any food on the patio surface for your pets.


Is A Pea Gravel Patio A Good Idea?

Since it allows water to seep or soak through it into the ground and not runoff, a pea gravel patio will help prevent soil erosion and boost quicker drainage. You will not have water puddles, and you don’t need to grade your patio to incline to allow surface water runoff.

Do Pea Gravel Patios Last?

Pea gravel will not decompose or crack over time like stones or pavers do when you create a patio, but this product will begin to sink into the soil over time. That is another reason why you must continue to replenish this surface.

Do People Like Pea Gravel Patios?

Low cost and low maintenance, DIY-friendly pea gravel patios appeal with wonderfully non-pretentious beauty. Outdoor spaces add value, not only for resale, but in lifestyle terms as well. If you’re in the process of designing a patio, the breadth of possibilities may strike you as overwhelming.

Is Pea Gravel Hard To Maintain?

How do you keep pea gravel looking good? You’ll probably need to tidy the surface with a rake every now and then. Luckily, pea gravel doesn’t decompose, but it does sink into the soil (which improves drainage if you have clay soil). So you may need to replenish the gravel every four years or so.

Is Pea Gravel Hard To Walk On?

Pea gravel is usually made up of small rocks and stones about the size of green peas, hence the name. Pea gravel is small enough to form a solid, level surface for walking and driving, especially when used in conjunction with a stabilizer grid.

Does Pea Gravel Get Hot?

If you’re a pet owner, pea gravel is also dog friendly, as the stones are easy to walk on and don’t retain heat. You won’t have to worry about these stones burning paws on a hot summer day.

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While going through this article you know what are pea gravel patio pros and cons. Do you know the best gravel for patio? So, the best gravel for the patio is pea gravel. Pea grave is smaller than other types of gravel. And it has several features that make it great for use as a DIY patio. Now you know everything about the pea gravel patio pros and cons.

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