What Are Living In Las Vegas Pros And Cons? 

Are you looking for living in Las Vegas pros and cons? Leave it on us, in this article we are going to give you all the possible pros and cons of living in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is a city located in Nevada, United States of America. You might have heard of this city because almost all celebrities and business tycoons used to live in this city. It is famous for its luxurious and extremely large casino hotels together with their associated activities. It as a whole serves as the leading financial, commercial, and cultural center for Nevada. Let’s know living in Las Vegas pros and cons.  

What Are Living In Las Vegas Pros And Cons? 

Here is a list of living in Las Vegas pros and cons, that will make you more clear about whether you should move to Las Vegas or not. 


  1. Low Cost Of Living 
  2. Mild Weather Throughout The Year 
  3. Food Choices 
  4. No State Income Tax 
  5. Access To Outdoor Recreation 


  1. The Summer Heat 
  2. The City Lacks Community Charm 
  3. Job Opportunities 
  4. The School System 
  5. Lack Of Greenery 

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Living In Las Vegas Pros 

Firstly we will discuss the pros of living in Las Vegas city and then move to the cost of living in the city.

  1. Low Cost Of Living 

Despite lots of great things and a good employment rate, the cost of living in Las Vegas is lower as compared to the other cities in the state of Nevada. The city has a lot of great amenities for a city of its size and a reasonable cost of living. This may catch some folks by surprise because affordability may seem counterintuitive in Las Vegas.

  1. Mild Weather Throughout The Year 

While looking for the pros and cons of living in North Las Vegas, you may become aware that there is very mild weather in the city.  In the city, the winter weather is especially enjoyable and provides a great opportunity to enjoy the awesome outdoor recreation nearby.

  1. Food Choices 

If you are a foodie then visit Las Vegas, you definitely love this city. There is a wide range of food options all across the city. Nearly every culture from across the world is represented in the multitude of restaurants with dining options available in this urban city.

  1. No State Income Tax 

One of the pros and cons of living in Las Vegas is the exception of state income tax. If you are interested in making more money and saving more money, you will be super excited to know that there is no state income tax in the city. In the city, you will be able to skip the state tax and save a good amount of money on your living expenses. These are the tax benefits of living in Las Vegas.

  1. Access To Outdoor Recreation 

There is a lot to explore in the city. If you are an adventure nut, you will not find it to enjoy daily life in the city. Because there are tons of things to enjoy and more than dozens of places to explore.

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Living In Las Vegas Cons 

Now, you know the pros of living in Las Vegas, so, consider the cons of living in the city also. Here some cons are given in detail.

  1. The Summer Heat 

You can not spend more time outdoors in the summer than you can spend in winter because of the high heat. You will find yourself socializing too much or enjoying an evening in the park while living in Las Vegas. Stepping outside during most summer days feels like stepping foot into a furnace. This is one of the 10 worst things about living in Las Vegas.

  1. The City Lacks Community Charm 

Why living in Las Vegas is depressing? Because of a lack of community charm. Las Vegas is a transient city, as such, not all folks are not keen on sticking around for long and getting to know their neighbors. Also, a lot of people chose to move to Las Vegas during the pandemic so the tide is slowly shifting.

  1. Job Opportunities 

While knowing the pros and cons of living in Las Vegas Nevada, you get to know that there is a scarcity of jobs and also a higher rate of unemployment. So, the majority of the economy of the city is dependent on tourism and entertainment.

  1. The School System 

If you have kids and you are moving to Las Vegas then it will be difficult for your child to adapt to the school environment over there. Because, in the city, the classrooms are crowded, superintendents get hired and dismissed at an alarming speed and students pay the ultimate price.

  1. Lack Of Greenery 

Las Vegas has an arid desert climate, which means you will not see much greenery here. As someone that hails from the pacific northwest, this was the hardest to adapt here.

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Is Las Vegas A Good Place To Live In?

Moving to Las Vegas? The Entertainment Capital of the World is one of the best big cities to live in, thanks to affordable housing and living costs, no state income tax, great weather, and tons of entertainment options.

Why Would Anyone Want To Live In Las Vegas?

Home to 630,000 residents, but mostly known for the iconic Vegas strip, it turns out there’s so much more to daily life in Vegas than the nightlife its known most for. Las Vegas offers the perks of a big city (tons of restaurants, shows, music venues, etc) while maintaining a manageable and non-overwhelming city feel.

Why Are Houses So Cheap In Las Vegas?

Nevada has no income tax and among the lowest property taxes in the country. These money-saving factors combine to make Las Vegas homes more affordable.

Why Are People Moving Away From Las Vegas?

Conversely, the main reason people leave the state is for a job, making up just under 42% of those who packed up and left. Interestingly enough, Moving for a job is the second-biggest reason that people come to the state. The report has data going back to 2013.


In this article, you came across the pros and cons of living in Las Vegas. If you want to visit Las Vegas but can not manage the budget, then there is a month that is the cheapest in the year. So, the cheapest month in the city is between September to November and between January to April. Also, you can find low rates during the summer season. Now, you know living in Las Vegas pros and cons

Is Vegas a good place to live