What Are Living In Alaska Pros And Cons? 

Today, we are going to review Living in Alaska pros and cons. Before knowing the pros and cons of living in Alaska, let’s know something about Alaska. Alaska is a state located in the United States of America in the Western region. Why is this state more famous? Alaska is popular for the Iditarod, gold mining, sourdough, the Alaska Railroad, aviation, Alaska Native Heritage, world-class seafood and fishing, outdoor adventures, fresh air, and many more. Let’s get started and know about living in Alaska pros and cons.  

What Are Living In Alaska Pros And Cons? 

Here we have given a list of living in Alaska pros and cons, just go through it. After that, you will get a detailed explanation of the same pros and cons living in Alaska


  1. The Midnight Sun 
  2. Friendly People 
  3. Slow Pace Of Life 
  4. Diversity 
  5. Small Town Charm 


  1. Too Much Snow 
  2. High Cost Of Living 
  3. Disconnected From The Lower 48 
  4. No Big City Life 

Living In Alaska Pros 

So, firstly we will discuss pros of living in Alaska and then move to the cons of it. Therefore, continue reading till the end.

  1. The Midnight Sun 

If you are looking for the pros and cons of living in Anchorage Alaska, then you may have gotten to know about the midnight sun. it looks unbelievable or a myth to many because till now, most of us have never experienced a midnight sun. Indeed, when you move from the southern region of the country to the northern region of the country, you notice that summer days are considerably longer. So, Alaska is so far north that the sun is still up at midnight during the summer.

  1. Friendly People 

When you find good and kind people then your migration becomes easy and there is the possibility that you may not leave that place. In Alaska, the people are very kind in nature and also helpful. Because of its resident’s diversity but also to a slower pace of life and the fact that big-city hustle and bustle just doesn’t exist here.

  1. Slow Pace Of Life 

Is living in Alaska worth it? Yes, why not, here you will experience the slow pace of life. In Alaska, you will not find many fancy restaurants where high-powered executives meet regularly to discuss business. You will see many overly fancy and expensive establishments, period.

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  1. Diversity 

Living in Anchorage Alaska pros and cons tells that, there is one pro and it is diversity which is a key to Alaska’s attraction. The native people of the state are interesting and they have stories to tell that most of the rest of us don’t have and never thought possible, you will find that in towns in the interior as well.

  1. Small Town Charm 

In Alaska, the city is called Anchorage, it has a population of 300,000. Despite being the biggest and most populated city in the state, it is not very big actually. You have all the fishing villages along the southern coast, and while they are full of touristy stores, they are also full of unique establishments the likes of which you can not find in big cities.

Living In Alaska Cons 

After knowing the pros of living in Alaska, let’s take a look at the cons of living in Alaska in detail.

  1. Too Much Snow 

In Alaska, you may get frustrated because of heavy snowfall. Since winters are so long and snow is so ubiquitous, moving and removing snow becomes an integral part of daily routine. Even if you have lived in places like North Dakota or Western New York state, you probably do not know what this kind of snow removal is.

  1. High Cost Of Living 

One of the reasons not to move to Alaska is its high cost of living. Despite the low population of the state, a situation that tends to lend itself to a lower cost of living, the cost of living in Alaska is higher than the national cost of living in the country.

  1. Disconnected From The Lower 48 

Alaska is geographically isolated and the reason behind its isolation is its geographic location and also its wilderness. Even in a populated area, you are isolated from others depending on where you live. Flying there is also expensive, too.

  1. No Big City Life 

If you have a habit of living in big cities, then Alaska is not a choice for you. The pace of life is slower there, so there is a lot less hustle and bustle. People who live in that environment might be bored to tears in Alaska.

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Is Alaska A Good Place To Live In?

Life in Alaska might be cold but, trust us, it’s far from boring. With its spectacular natural beauty, endless recreational opportunities and abundance of wildlife, you can expect plenty of adventure in America’s last frontier.

What Is It Really Like Living In Alaska?

Although few visitors still expect to find Alaskans living in igloos, many are surprised that daily life for most Alaskans is much like the Lower 48. Some Alaskans choose an isolated and independent life in backwoods homesteads. But most live in modern homes, drive cars, watch television, and shop in modern stores.

Is Life Cheap In Alaska?

The cost of living in Alaska is 28% higher than the national average. Housing is 28% higher than the national average, while utilities are 53% higher.

How Long Is It Dark In Alaska?

In fact, the northernmost city in America – Utqiaġvik, Alaska, formerly known as Barrow – has near-constant darkness from mid- to late November until late January because the sun never rises during that 60-plus-day period. Hours of daylight (sunrise to sunset) on the winter solstice.

Is It Worth It To Move To Alaska?

Moving to Alaska is absolutely worth it. This state offers the best hunting and fishing opportunities in the world. Moreover, it is a tax-friendly state with no state or income tax. Find out how much your move will cost.


In this article, you have learned all about the pros and cons of living in Alaska in detail. If you plan to visit Alaska or settle in Alaska, then this article will be very helpful for you. Alaska is beautiful, and diverse, and maybe a great place to live. But, the condition is, never visit any place without doing some research about it. So, this is all about living in Alaska pros and cons

What are the benefits of living in Alaska