What Are Cork Flooring Pros and Cons? 

Have you learned about the cork flooring pros and cons? If not, then here you can learn them. When it comes to types of flooring, there are so many options but if you value easy maintenance, affordability, and natural materials, cork floors are the best fit. Also, if you suffer from allergies, cork is considered to be hypoallergenic and can help keep those sniffles at bay. So, let’s roll down to know the cork flooring pros and cons

What Are Cork Flooring Pros And Cons?

So, the cork flooring pros and cons are many but here I have given you some of them. Let’s read it, 


  • Comparable pricing 
  • Made with natural materials 
  • Easy maintenance 
  • Solid durability 
  • Low-impact feel 


  • Sensitive to light 
  • It May not be great for pet owners 
  • Not as durable as some types of floors 
  • It must be sealed to prevent swelling 

Cork Flooring Pros 

Cork flooring has a lot of pros, including 

  • Comparable Pricing 

If you are looking for cork flooring kitchen pros and cons, then you must know that the cork flooring is with comparable pricing. So, don’t ask again about is cork flooring expensive?  Because cork flooring cost is not heavy but between $2 to $8 per foot. You will probably save money by going with cork flooring.  

  • Made With Natural Materials 

Cork flooring for kitchen is a good idea because it is made with natural materials like cork oak tree bark. These materials are durable, good for allergy sufferers, and bio-degradable. It means they will naturally break down after their time in your home is over. 

  • Easy Maintenance 

Regular sweeping and vacuuming, and mopping with water or a mild wood floor cleaner, is all you need to keep your cork floors clean. In fact, using harsh chemicals can ruin your cork flooring. 

  • Solid Durability 

The best cork flooring has solid durability because cork is naturally springy and typically bounces back to its original shape, so areas with high foot traffic are a great fit for such types of flooring. 

  • Low-Impact Feel 

One of the greatest types of cork flooring has a comfortable, low-impact feel on your feet that feels soft and springy under your bare feet. The cork floor tiles are also a good option for rooms where you are on your feet a lot. 

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Cork Flooring Cons 

Nothing is without its fault, and that goes for cork flooring too. Let’s have a look over the cork flooring cons. 

  • Sensitive To Light 

The common con out of the list of pros and cons of cork backed flooring is, that cork flooring is sensitive to light. If you keep your curtains open then the direct sunlight may discolor the cork floor and could create light patches over time. 

  • It May Not Be Great For Pet Owners 

Cork flooring is not a great choice for those who have pets at home because if your dog likes to zoom around your house or your kitty has a tendency for stretching and scraping, cork is probably not the right material for your floor. 

  • Not As Durable As Some Types Of Floors 

The cork flooring in kitchen pros and cons will tell you that cork flooring is not as durable as some types of floors. As already said, cork is durable, but synthetic materials like vinyl and linoleum can withstand the pressure of heavy objects better than cork. 

  • It Must Be Sealed To Prevent Swelling 

If you know the cork flooring pros and cons bathroom then you must know even if the cork is naturally water-resistant, your floors will eventually absorb liquids if they are allowed to sit long enough. Therefore, many people avoid it in the bathrooms. 

So, you know the pros and cons of cork flooring.


What Is One Downside Of Cork Flooring?

One of the main drawbacks of cork is it is soft. For people looking for “perfect looking” floors for decades, cork cause upset. It will scratch (like a hardwood). It requires maintenance products be used (just like laminate) and on occasion the surface needs to be refreshed (like hardwood).

Is Cork A Good Choice For Flooring?

Durable. It resists cracking and abrasions and is impermeable to gas and liquid. Cork flooring also bounces back, so indentations caused by furniture won’t be permanent. When properly maintained, cork flooring can last 40 years or more.

Does Cork Flooring Damage Easily?

Cork flooring has many merits, to be sure, and its trendy popularity has led to cork installation almost everywhere in the home. But this flooring is not as durable as some other flooring materials, and it is susceptible to several forms of damage.

Are Cork Floors High Maintenance?

As it does with small scratches, the highly textural pattern of cork helps mask light stains and marks. Sweeping and occasional mopping with a damp cloth is all that’s needed to keep cork floors looking their best.

Do Cork Floors Smell?

Does the cork have an odor? Cork bark, in general, has an earthy sawdust type smell. Cork planks from sealed cartons will at first have a sweet/sawdust smell, which will dissipate within a few days.

What Happens If Cork Flooring Gets Wet?

What about Cork and Water? Cork does not absorb water or liquids which is why it’s been used for centuries to float fishermen’s nets and as stoppers for wine bottles. Finished cork glue-down tiles are great for kitchens and baths and Globus Cork will not stain as it has several coats of finish on it.

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Well, you know what are the pros and cons of cork flooring in detail. No doubt the cork flooring manufacturers elaborate on every feature of cork because of advertisement purposes. But, while going through this article you become aware of the reality of the cork flooring. For instance, waterproof cork flooring exists only by name but in reality, they absorb a little amount of liquid when it remains for a long time. But, by knowing the cork flooring pros and cons you can decide whether you should buy it or not.

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